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OpenVK API description

OpenVK API is based on VKontakte's API for compatibility. If you want to improve the API, then read this page.

To call the function, you need to go to /method/ URL, and then, the function name, for example: /method/Account.getProfileInfo. The server will return JSON data. You can use GET or POST to send the Data.

πŸ”° above the function name means it requires authorization.


To get token, you should call the "token" page:

/token?username={YOUR USERNAME}&password={YOUR PASSWORD}&grant_type=password

You'll get a response like this:

    "access_token": "THERE IS A TOKEN. A LONG TOKEN ACTUALLY",
    "expires_in": 0,
    "user_id": 1

If you need to call the function that requires a token, just put the access_token into your GET or POST request.

If you have two-factor authorization turned on, add a code field to your POST request and fill it with, you guessed it, authorization code.


getProfileInfo πŸ”°

Returns the info about account.

        "first_name": "Vladimir",
        "last_name": "Barinov",
        "home_town": "Moscow",
        "status": "Status example",
        "bdate": "1.1.1970",
        "bdate_visibility": 0,
        "phone": "+420 ** *** 228",
        "relation": 2,
        "sex": 2

Some fields are faked for VK API Compatibility

getInfo πŸ”°

This is a dummy function


setOnline πŸ”°

Set the online status to current. Always returns 1.

setOffline πŸ”°

Dummy function, always returns 1.


Dummy function, always returns 9355263.

getCounters πŸ”°

Returns the counters of Unread Messages, Notifications and Friends Requests.



Fields: user_id, fields, offset, count

Returns the user's friend ID list with count.

add πŸ”°

Fields: user_id

Sends a requests to another user or adds user to friends list.

Returns: 1 (friend request sent) or 2 (request from user approved)

remove πŸ”°

Fields: user_id

Removes the user from friend list or the request.

Returns 1 if successed, otherwise will throw an error.

getLists πŸ”°

Dummy function, always returns 0 items.

edit, deleteList, editList πŸ”°

Dummy functions, always return 1.



Fields: user_id, advanced, fields, offset, count

Returns the user's groups (or IDs if advanced is 0) list with count.

fields: verified, has_photo, photo_max_orig, photo_max


Fields: groups_id or group_id, fields

Returns the info about group(s).

fields: verified, has_photo, photo_max_orig, photo_max, members_count, site, description, contacts, can_post


getById πŸ”°

Fields: message_ids, preview_length, extended

Returns the messages by it's IDs.

send πŸ”°

Fields: user_id, peer_id, domain, user_ids, message

Sends a message to user. Will return the message's ID, if successed.

delete πŸ”°

Fields: message_ids

Deletes the message.

restore πŸ”°

Fields: message_ids

Restores deleted message.

getConversations πŸ”°

Fields: offset, count 20, filter, extended

Returns user's chat list.

getHistory πŸ”°

Fields: offset, user_id, peer_id, start_message_id, rev, extended

Returns chat's history.

getLongPollHistory πŸ”°

Fields: ts, preview_length, events_limit, msgs_limit

Return's LongPoll history.

Check this if you don't know what is a LongPoll.

getLongPollServer πŸ”°

Fields: need_pts, lp_version, group_id

Returns the address to LongPoll server.

Check this if you don't know what is a LongPoll.

Ovk (aka OpenVK specific methods)


Returns the OpenVK version installed on an instance.


Returns the information about access token.


Returns ΠΊΡ€Ρ‹Π»Ρ‹ΡˆΠΊΠΈ string.



Returns the time on the server.


get πŸ”°

Fields: user_ids, fields, offset, count.

Returns information about user or users.

fields: verified, sex (not the orientation but the gender), has_photo, photo_max_orig, photo_max, status, screen_name (aka short url), friend_status, last_seen, music, movies, tv, books, city, interests

getFollowers πŸ”°

Fields: user_id, fields, offset, count

Returns the followers of user.

Fields: q, fields, offset, count

Searches the users by name, surname or bio, and returns the list.

Fields are the same as with get function.



Fields: owner_id, offset, count, extended

Returns the posts on the wall. Extended parameter will also return profile info.


Fields: posts, fields, extended

Returns post(s) by pretty ID (like 1_3 or 32_3).

post πŸ”°

Fields: owner_id, message, from_group, signed

Creates new post on wall.

Also, there is a way to upload picture or video, just send the media named "photo" or "video" in your post request.


get πŸ”°

Fields: fields, start_from or offset, count, extended

Returns posts from newsfeed.


add πŸ”°

Fields: type, owner_id, item_id

Likes the post. Returns count of likes.

remove πŸ”°

Fields: type, owner_id, item_id

Removes like from the post. Returns count of likes.

isLiked πŸ”°

Fields: user_id, type, owner_id, item_id

Checks if user liked the post or not


If something goes wrong, the server will return you an error like this:

    "error_msg":"Invalid username or password",

Last update: 2022-05-07